(Gabriela Degeratu)

Euromaster Group started implementing the SAP IS/Retail solution in 2016. The SAP Competency Center of Excellence (SAP CCoE) Team from Euromaster Business Services (EBS) has been involved from the beginning in customizing, implementing, testing the solution and providing support, ensuring that all business needs and all system compatibility are taken into account. The implementation of the solution started with the operations in the Netherlands, in 2018, and continued with those in France, the country where Euromaster carries out the largest number of operations. The operations of the group in Switzerland followed in the implementation process.

SAP acts as a reference system for all core data of the company and is also a nucleus for billing and sales processes. The implementation process required that all applications be adapted and connected in SAP, in order to act as a whole. At the same time, the SAP solution was customized in detail, for the integration of all the necessary business functionalities.

Since 2018, the SAP team at EBS offers support for all levels (L1, L2, L3), and through its increased level of competence and expertise it has gained autonomy for new implementations, development of new configurations for business needs, integration of legal requirements. Currently, 40% of the team’s activity is represented by the support component and 60% by new developments of the solution, documenting all the new specifications and functionalities of the solution. Moreover, the team is involved in offering trainings on the implemented SAP solution to internal end-users.

The success of the team is owed on the one hand to the experience of its members (amounting to over 60 years of SAP experience), as well as to the results obtained, reflected in the quality KPIs, performance SLAs.

Today, the SAP CCOE team consists of 10 members and is structured in 5 streams: Finance, Materials Management, Sales & Distribution, Conditions Contracts Management, Roles & Security, ABAP development. The activity of all streams is interconnected and guided by the same SLAs and procedures.