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We invite you to become part of a strong, stable team, where we put people first.

We are flexible, open, always results-oriented!

Who are we?

Euromaster Group is a European network owned by Michelin Group, offering tyres services and fast-fitting light vehicle maintenance with no compromise on safety. Our 10 000 employees and our partners are committed to deliver a best in class experience to drivers and fleets. 

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EBS (Euromaster Business Services) is Euromaster Group’s shared services center, opened in 2015, offering accounting, controlling, business intelligence, supply chain, data management, internal control services, and IT & SAP support for all Euromaster entities. EBS runs the digitalization and business processes for Euromaster Group’s back-office services. We always focus on results, as our goal is to make a difference! But we know that for this we need people who are open and eager to develop constantly, who believe in the strength of the team, in themselves and in us.
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The center of excellence driving innovation in business support services through its highly engaged and motivated people.


Design and delivery of impactful and best in class business support solutions for service centers and Euromaster’s customers.

These are the 3 values that guide all our actions, which are present in our relation with all customers, as well as in the work environment of each employee.

Why join the team and work together at EBS


Because you will find a work environment in which transparency and honesty are truly important.

At the same time, we are open and eager to help each other, in all regards. We know that good things cannot be achieved by coercion, so we support a friendly environment based on flexibility and respect.

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Because we want you to evolve, both personally and professionally, and we will support you.

We offer you a job, in a company that is continuously evolving, and we assure you that you will grow along with it as well.
Because we will recognize and appreciate your experience and expertise and we will always make the most of them, taking into account the needs of the customers, so that you will know how much you mean for us and our customers.


Because we care about you and your well-being, so we focus on many extra-salary benefits that we will gladly offer you.

We want you to feel good and, from your very first days of work, to feel that you are part of a united and enthusiastic team that is eager to make a difference.


Available positions

Treasury Teamleader

This role provides leadership, expertise, and advice to the team to enable them to deliver to a consistently high standard the...

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Mihaela Mărculescu

Head of Data Maintenance

“I am very proud to be part of this beautiful community since the beginning of EBS, from April 2015.

6 years ago, when I joined Euromaster I was welcomed with the following statement: “Welcome to the happiness business” . It could sound crazy, but with each day spent together in EBS you realize that the happiness business really exists and it’s thanks to the amazing community that we have.

My journey started in a department which is the heart of our business, the Data Maintenance, where I’m feeling like in a second family, surrounded by great people. It’s the place where I had the opportunity to grow, to develop my skills and to help others grow.

In EBS we don’t read minds, we trust & care for each other, we are creative and innovative in our daily business. Each day it’s a different challenge and this is why we can develop and become a better version of ourselves.”

“It’s been almost 4 years since I have started working in Euromater and ever since I admire the motivation of all my colleagues and willingness to constantly develop their level of expertise. I have always received advice and support for any challenge I might have encountered and I am grateful to be part of a reliable team. I appreciate Euromaster for creating an environment where innovation to deliver impactful business solutions is encouraged, where people engagement gets recognised and valued. I have found support in developing my role and I am happy to be part of an organisation that invests in education and people growth.”

Ancuţa Hîldan

Demand & Supply Planner

Diana Cobuz

Master Data Analyst

“My Euromaster journey started in September 2019 on a junior position. Here I found really talented people that have made the onboarding take place seamlessly, open to share their knowledge and work together. The freedom to express and present my own improvement ideas, the flexibility and offered support are, I believe, signs of a healthy company culture that Euromaster has. I appreciate the effort put in by providing opportunities to attend training held by specialists, especially because they lead to professional and personal growth. I welcome the offered encouragement and stimulation to improve myself, to express myself and at the same time have a well balanced personal and professional life. Euromaster is about people, innovation, creativity and care.”

“I am very grateful for the opportunity Euromaster has given me to discover my hidden skills and gain experience in the financial field. At the beginning, I felt like someone had thrown me into a pool, without knowing how to swim. I have to admit that my studies and experience did not necessarily recommend me for the financial field, but I have gained tremendous experience from the talented people across the business, who have directly and indirectly influenced my development in all positive aspects. I joined Euromaster 2 year ago, where each day has been inspiring, motivating and challenging. It is my privilege to work in a group of very talented, friendly, empathetic and motivated people who are ready to lend advice and help me perform my best. I feel immense joy when I can share my knowledge and my experience with other newer colleagues. Recently, a new colleague asked me if I would recommend Euromaster and my answer came very naturally: In Euromaster you get a chance to grow with your own efforts, this gives you an immense opportunity to exercise your abilities, reaffirm yourself and contribute to a growing company. ”

Teodora Pilaf

Accounts Receivables Accountant

Vlad Coblaş

European Controlling Team Manager

“I am proud of being the first employee of our shared service EBS. My Journey with Euromaster started in January of 2015. EUROMASTER gave me what I wanted: excellent colleagues, liberty and space to grow, mentors and people that changed my life. I love a lot of things about Euromaster, and if I were to name just one it would be this: In our company, if you have an idea, about training, about an improvement, about any activity, there is someone who listens to you and considers your idea. I am not saying that 100% of the ideas will be applied, but they will be considered. EUROMASTER gives me the freedom to be me: creative and innovative. A good example is the Escape the room with excel. ”


You can contact us at any time or you can send us your application to join our team, at the email address resurse.umane@euromaster.com.

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